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Portfolio - Amsterdam Stories USA, Midwest

Chapter III : Midwest

New Amsterdam Indiana, 
New Amsterdam Wisconsin, 
Amsterdam Iowa, 
Amsterdam Missouri

An elusive America. 
A ghost town and its only inhabitant. 
Cincinnati, an encounter with Sven Amsterdam, performer-artist. 
Two Dutchmen who speak French try their hand at Dutch. 
Pauline, a revolted poet. 
Wisconsin: a portrait of middle-class America. 
Tim, the environmentalist of the Midwest. 
The life of a peregrine falcon. 
A sports car driven by a former Republican who became a Democrat. 
In the middle of nowhere. 


Once upon a time there was a hitchhiker: a strange tale unfolds on the road. Halloween USA. 
Missouri: Steven, a solitary hunter and taxidermist.

Written & directed :  Rob Rombout & Rogier van Eck 

DOP  Ben Wolf               Sound : Colin Bannon Matthew J. Menter, Trevor Cohen           Editing : Fanny Roussel, Alice de Matha , Frédéric Dupont      


 Sound editing : Guillaume Berg,  Nasrine  Sadraee                 Postproduction image : Studio Equipe      Soundmixing: Rainier Buidin      


Original Music : Hughes Maréchal              Line procuder : Hubert Toint & Jean-Jacques Neira


Executive producer : Marie-Sophie Volkenner             Producer Saga Film    


Co-producers   Wallonie Image Production (WIP) Pieter Van Huystee Film , RTBF Belgian television.

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