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Portfolio - Amsterdam Stories USA

a portrait of Small town America

Amsterdam Stories USA is a road-movie tracing 15 small places in the United States, all of them named Amsterdam. 

Two Dutch filmmakers, Rogier van Eck & Rob Rombout, cross the country from East to West Coast.

Through landscapes, encounters and stories of the Amsterdams and of the road in between, the 6-hour film progressively weaves a singular image of the provincial and unknown “small town” America. 

The result is an intimate portrait and radiography of a protean country

15 Amsterdams, 4 Chapters, one Road

New York (ex Nieuw Amsterdam)
Amsterdam New York State
Amsterdam Pennsylvania
Amsterdam Ohio
Amsterdam Virginia
New Amsterdam Indiana
Amsterdam Georgia
Amsterdam Mississippi
Amsterdam Texas
Amsterdam Missouri
Amsterdam Iowa
New Amsterdam Wisconsin
Amsterdam Montana
Amsterdam Idaho
Amsterdam California

Written & directed :  Rob Rombout & Rogier van Eck 

DOP  Ben Wolf               Sound : Colin Bannon Matthew J. Menter, Trevor Cohen           Editing : Fanny Roussel, Alice de Matha , Frédéric Dupont      


 Sound editing : Guillaume Berg,  Nasrine  Sadraee                 Postproduction image : Studio Equipe      Soundmixing: Rainier Buidin      


Original Music : Hughes Maréchal              Line procuder : Hubert Toint & Jean-Jacques Neira


Executive producer : Marie-Sophie Volkenner             Producer Saga Film    


Co-producers   Wallonie Image Production (WIP) Pieter Van Huystee Film , RTBF Belgian television.

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