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Portfolio - the Man that talked too much


L’HOMME QUI EN DISAIT TROP (The man that talked too much)


1985. The trade union staff representative Roger VANDERMEIREN is dismissed by Monsanto (a factory near Antwerp) for having defended a colleague that was accused of theft. The layoffs cause a strike, and after a seven-week struggle, Roger VANDERMEIREN dismissal is confirmed.


The strike will be followed by six months of legal procedure and lonely struggle, during which VANDERMEIREN continues his work as a staff representative in a trailer in front of the factory before being definitely dismissed by a decision of the court.


One could fear that the film would be a nth documentary about a trade union that is losing ground, but such is not the case. The tragedy and fight of that insignificant man take on an almost superhuman dimension.


What was the power of a guy’s will against the legal and economic skills of an international trust ? Once the facts are relativized, the finely selected and edited library pictures are replaced by VANDERMEIREN social and economic kill.


But VANDERMEIREN wanted to have that unequal duel : proud until the end, the old bull collapses in the arena after an unfair and inhuman fight.


By that winter night, Monsanto’s lights pay a last tribute to Roger VANDERMEIREN courage. Rob ROMBOUT accurately and lucidly understands and analyzes the trade unionist’s dismissal.


His simple point of view never lapses into demagogy, and he manages to interest us in the struggle.


He shares the tragedy of that unimportant worker with us with great sensitivity.

The film is built like a thriller and freshly reminds us of events that our memory had cast away.


Its refined director’s work makes this film a new proof of the craft of our video documentary makers. 

Director :  Rob Rombout


 Script : Rob Rombout           DOP  André Leplat    Sound : Jean marc Geuns


 Editing : Rob Rombout         Mixiong : Jean-Pierre Depireux  


Translation: Hubert Franssen  Original Music : Pierre Vayena / collectif du "LION"     Line  Producer : Canal Emploi  







Worldwide Videofestival, The Hague 1986


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