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Portfolio - Queen Mary 2, reine des mers


In 1998, Carnival, the largest cruise company in the world took over the legendary Cunard Company. Inside Carnival, a few people dared to suggest a crazy project :

Building a transatlantic liner in the Cunard tradition, which also respond to an American market always in search of new features and greater sensations.

From the start, it has been decided that Queen Mary 2 would be the longest, the largest, the most expensive and luxurious ship ever built.

Micky Arison (ship owner and president of Carnival), Stephen Payne an Andrew Collier (architect and interior designer), the Commodore Ronald W. Warwick, engineers, marketing managers and artists took up the challenge.


Director :  Rob Rombout  


Script : Rob Rombout, Louis-Philippe Capelle     DOP Louis Philippe Cappelle               Sound : Griet van Reeth   

Editing : Adriana Moreira               Sound editing : Paul Heymans                 Postproduction image : Triangle 7     Soundmixing: Peter Soldan    Soundstudio : 5/5   
      Original Music : Hughes Maréchal              Line procuder : Philippe Bedfert          Executive producer : Chantal Bernheim             


Producer : Ardent     Co-producers   ARTE,  RTB—belgian television


In collaboration with Région Pays de Loire, Dune, Leapfrog, Sokan, Sphimages.


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