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Portfolio - Perm-mission


In the heart of snowy Russia in the Ural Mountains, a strange festival of documentary films takes place: the FLahertyana Filmfestival  :  as a tribute to the American film director Robert Flaherty. 


In an isolated city called PERM, forty some Russian film directors take stock of documentary cinema today. 


Heated debates at -25 degrees Celcius.  Rob Rombout is the only foreign director to have attended this ``international" film festival. 

He is on special PERM-MISSION !

Director :  Rob Rombout




 Script : Rob Rombout, Pascal Perez    DOP  Pascal Perez,  Sound : Pascal Perez,  Editing : Rachel Lamisse           


Soundmix : Michel Goossens            Original Music : Yvan Gorguiev      Executive producer : Jean-Philippe Laroche       


Assistant-producers : Laurence Deletaille , Marie-Aude Godard, Aurore Decot           


Associate producers : Lubomir Gueorguiev, Christiane Philippe        


Production : Nota Bene    


Co-producers : Good and Bad News "Grands Documents" - RTBF-Liège


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