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Portfolio - Pas de cadeau pour Noël


Noël Ntunda is forty-two.


He was born in Rwanda and has lived in Belgium since the age of twelve.

The CPAS (welfare center) gives him an allowance that is just enough for him not to starve.

Days all look the same, punctuated haphazardly by chance encounters in bars and interviews with social workers.


Noël agrees to show the places he visits daily and to tell of the places which have shaped his life-story in Belgium.

The story oscillates between past and present.


The filmmaker Rob Rombout, respectful of the characters, follows him in his meanderings and questions him point-blank. Noël also explains himself, he is funny, sweet and captivating : "There is an ocean between what I expected from life and what I have become."


Or else : "If I could afford it... I would go swimming..."

Director :  Rob Rombout


 Assitant Director : Daniel Delmelle      Script : Rob Rombout        DOP  André Leplat          Assistant camera : Alain Marcoun 


Sound : J-N Ceuens              Editing : Marie-France Collard          Soundmixing: : Jean-Pierre Depireux  


Producer : Canal Emploi, Liège.






1986 Premier Prix au Festival Ciné Vidéo Psy de Lorquin




1986, World Wide Video Festival, The Hague,


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