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Portfolio - Nord Express


1896, Paris Nord.


Nagelmackers creates the "Nord Express" between Paris and St Petersburg. Crossing the continent in 48 hours is a new challenge for inter-European communications. A challenge continuously met, despite two world wars, blue pencil marks on military maps, a wall dividing a city in two...


1990, the film "Nord Express" recreates the 47 hours journey from Paris to Moscow.


The time - our own - is one of great upheaval, filled with the noise of machinery. In Paris, railwaymen are laying the new TGV lines; in Berlin, the wall is crumbling; at Brest (USSR) the team is replacing the standard gauge bogies with wide gauge bogies. Galina, the Soviet sleepingcar attendant, is making tea. In the corridor, Theodore the student is looking out of the window, just above the curtain. A blast on the train's whistle.



In front of painter Ben WARGIN's workshop, in West Berlin, the wagons rush past at top speed.


"Personally, I don't think we'll ever manage to go any faster", says Ben.

Director :  Rob Rombout




 Script : Rob Rombout, Christian Janssens       DOP  Louis-Philippe Capelle 


Assistant camera : Marc Ridley      Sound : Olivier Struye, Paul Heymans    Editing : Adriana Moreira  de Oliveira


Soundmixing:  Jacques Clisse  Original Music : Piotr HERTEL    Executive producer : Marilyn Watelet       Line procucer : Jean-Philippe Laroche,Catherine Derosier


Producer : Paradise Films  Co-producers : Triangle 7, RTBF, CAC-CICV Montbéliard, WIP






1990 Manifestation internationale de vidéo et de télévision de Montbéliard  

Worldwide Video Festival du Kijkhuis, La Haye  

Vidéos du réel, Saint-Gervais  

Videofest 91, Berlin


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