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Portfolio - les Acores de Madradeus



The Azores offer an unpredictable landscape where light itself, under the influence of a whimsical climate,

can wholly change in a minute.


The music of Madredeus is at home there.

Teresa and Pedro tour around the islands and rediscover some of the multi-ethnic origins of their music.


Landscapes, testimonies and popular feasts rituals recall the themes of their songs

Voice : Teresa Salgueiro  


Guitare / Compositeur : Pedro Ayres Magalhães  Violoncelle / Voice : Francisco Ribeiro


Accordéon : Gabriel Gomes   Guitar : José Peixoto  Clavier : Carlos Maria Trindade





Director :  Rob Rombout




Ass.Director : Olga Baillif                 Script : Rob Rombout                DOP  Jean-Paul  Dezaytijd                  Assistant camera : Jean-François Hensgens 


Sound : Paul Heymans                      Editing : Adriana Moreira  de Oliveira               Soundmixing: Jean-François Gosselin 


Executive producer : Pierre Paul Puljiz,Thierry Dory                    Producer : Mona Lisa Films                  Co-producers : Morgane


Production : Gérard Lacroix /Gérard Pont , RTBF Benoît Jacques de Dixmude



With the support of  FRANCE SUPERVISION


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