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Portfolio - les Passagers de l'Alsace


Fascinated by travel, Rob Rombout tries to share with us his feelings as a stranger, a passer-by, who meets a region and its inhabitants and progressively shows his perception of the alsatian identity, or identities, at a given moment.

He visits the region by train and questions "ordinary" people on issues that apparently have no link with the alsatian regional identity or the clichés that generally caracterize the Alsatian. In a train compartment, people don't know each other.

The only thing that they have in common is being in that train at the same moment.
The characters' life story unfolds all along the tour of the region.
Those encounters are a very special moment, in which the act of listening is crucial, as at the psychoanalyst's.

At some point, we stop and listen.

Their gaze also traces the image of that region through the window of the train.
The way they observe : the gaze. As in a train, everyone is following their own route.

It is the movement of life.

Following those three lines, Rob Rombout goes beyond the capture of personal history and weaves the threads of several particular stories that tell us the collective story of life in a region, as in the snapshot of a moment shared with others, with strangers randomly met on a train.

He paints the landscape of life, in the movement of the passing time.


Christine Collin, Henri Dreyfus, Jean-Richard Freyman,

Aurore Humbert, Sylvie Levy, Ibtissam Mellouki, André Ohrel, André Osterdag, Philippe Poirier,  Daniel Ziegler




Director :  Rob Rombout  



Script : Rob Rombout     DOP  Samuel Dravet,     Assistant camera : Thierry Sitter,  Sound : Grégoire Delandes, Suzanne Erkalp            

Editing : Adriana Moreira  de Oliveira            Sound editing : Omar Perez  , Paul Delvoie (GSARA)            Soundmixing: Benoît BIRAL       

Soundstudio : Dada              Original Music : Philippe Poirier         

Line procuder : Carine Zelie        


Executive producer : Ariel Waksman,           


Producer : Le Meillieur des Mondes, Good & Ban News        

Co-producers : France 3,Alsace  ,  RTB television. 


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