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Portfolio - Entre deux Tours


The presence of two quite different towers on such a restricted space, located each, respectively, at a small distance from the Belgian-Dutch border inspires this video.

In 1948, the fall of Prague brought about the birth of NATO and, indirectly, the establishment of supreme headquarter in Benelux, at Brunssum (Netherlands) in 1967 : known as AFCENT (Allied Forces Central Europe).


In the second century AD, Hermas, one of the lost prophets of the church of Rome predicted the construction of a tower. It came about in 1964 at Eben-Ezer.


Mr Garcet is not merely the builder of this tower, but also the architect of an universal, mystical and deeply pacifist school of thought :

 " Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. " (Isaiah, 2.4)


As for AFCENT, they took over Charlemagne's arms and motto :

 " I fight against injustice and I destroy all trace of evil.”

Director :  Rob Rombout  



Assistant director : Nadia Curto     Script : Rob Rombout       Monologue :  Christian Janssens    


DOP  Kommer Klein        Assistant camera : Chris Renson         Sound : Fabio Lani          Editing : Adriana Moreira  de Oliveira   


Soundmixing: : Fabio Lani         Original Music : Excuse my French         Production-assistant François Luchen  


 Executive producer : Danny Trossat        Producer : GSARA        Co-producers : WIP,RTBF, Rob Rombout. 




1988 Prix du jury au Festival vidéo, Liège


Premier prix du jury à la Manifestation internationale de vidéo et de télévision, Montbéliard


 Prix de la meilleure réalisation au Festival international du film super 8 et de la vidéo, Bruxelles.





1987 Worldwide Festival, La Haye -


Festival international de cinéma et de télévision, Rome 


2ème Semaine internationale de vidéo, Saint-Gervais 


Festival international du nouveau cinéma et de la vidéo, Montréal 


International Audiovisuel Festival, Amsterdam


1988 Video Film Festival, Berlin  


Hamburger Filmburo Forum, Hambourg


Festival vidéo d'Estavar


European media art festival, Osnabruck


10ème Festival audiovisuel de Lacharnière " Une aventure délicate ", Lille  


5ème Festival de Rio de Janeiro  


Festival de Manosque


1989 Videoformes, Royat.



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