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Portfolio - Black Island


In the North Sea today, next to sixty thousand people are living off-shore.


On board the F.G. McClintock rig, eighty men and one woman work around the clock in search of Black Gold.

In such an enclosed space facing the wild sea, little room is left to express your state of mind.


After "North Express" which tells the story of the famous railway link between Paris and Moscow and "Transatlantic, Queen Elizabeth 2",

a portray of the last liner sailing from Europe to America, Rob Rombout's new film, "The black island",

is a new approach of a micro society behind closed doors.


Mick POLLARD, Assistant Crane Operator

"The first day you are back on the rig, it's like you haven't been away. It's the same old story: sleep, eat, work..."



Captain DERRICK, Captain of the Stand-by Vessault

"We are floating around the rig, thirty days on end, for the safety of the crew. Some people say it's boring. I don't think so...  it's only boring if you want it to be."



Brian SPENCER, Toolpusher

"The noise is everywhere, you can't get away from it... You are constantly aware that you are two feet away from the work."




Director :  Rob Rombout 



Script : Rob Rombout, Jean-Philippe Laroche        DOP  Louis-Philippe Capelle         Assistant camera : Jean van Gut


 Sound : Philippe Sellier         Editing : Adriana Moreira  de Oliveira      Soundmixing: Jean-François Gosselin  Original Music : Jean-Louis Daulne


 Executive producer : Jean-Philippe Laroche         Line procucer : Olivier Rausin & Serge Kestemont          Producer : Nota Bene  


Co-producers : WIP,RTBF, W.I.P. Wallonie Image Production - BRTN Dienst Cultuur - Galatée Films - Pandora Productions.




With the support of the  Communauté française de Belgique and  DOCUMENTARY  (Programme  MEDIA )   

In collaboration with Télévision Suisse Romande




1994-9ième festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, (B).


1995-Flanders International Film Festival, Gand(B).


Festival International du Film de Bruxelles, (B).


Cinéma du Réel, Paris, (F).


Festival du Film Social, Charleroi (B).


Europaïscher Salon Fur Hiebhaber, Tubingen, (D).


Festival International "Flaerty", Russie.


Filmer à tout prix, Bruxelles, (B).


Semana Internationale de Villadolid (SP).

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