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Portfolio - Amsterdam, via Amsterdam


A cinematographic expedition to the northern and southern extremities of the world


Amsterdam via Amsterdam (80’) is a road movie from the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, towards two homonymous islands.


One is integrated in the French Austral and Antarctic Lands, the other is part of the Norwegian Spitsberg archipelago, in the glacial Arctic Ocean. Two film-makers, Rob Rombout and Rogier van Eck, followed the footsteps of two illustrious 16th-century Dutch navigators :


Willem Barentsz and Cornelis de Houtman


who left Amsterdam to open the routes to the spices islands.


Director :  Rob Rombout



 Script : Rob Rombout     DOP  Samuel Dravet, Willy Stassen, Louis Philippe Cappelle               Sound : Griet van Reeth            


Editing : Rogier van Eck & Rudi Maerten          Sound editing : Anne-Laure Guégan                  Soundmixing: Peter Soldan                      Soundstudio : Dada           


   Original Music : Hughes Maréchal              Line procuder : Olivier Caste          Executive producer : Patrick Levevre            


 Producer :  ASAP / Rombout& Van Eck           Co-producers    RTB—belgian television

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